May 1, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

AHC Board Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2014

Meeting called to order

Present: Anne Berry, Jessica Wright, Beverly Flores, Lori Townsend, Keith Townsend, Kc Lovin and Betty Robinson

Treasurer’s Report – KC Lovin distributed information of the most current finances to those present.

Playground Committee Report – Jessica Wright

Update: The FEMA condemned Property (old dental office area) in downtown Clendenin.

Kathy Slack, Jessica Wright, Anne Berry & George Stablein all attended the Town Council meeting on March 10, 2014. The Mayor stated AHC could proceed on gathering info on plot and what is allowable. At the next Town Council meeting on May 12, 2014 AHC along with Jamie Jeffery MD, Keys for Healthy Kids, will present info to the Mayor, Council & FEMA representative. The info includes plans on some donations (matching funds $2000 and mini grants/ at Try This conference. The type of playground up for consideration at this point is called a Natural Park ( Mary Grandon said costs $7000-$12000, lower maintenance costs. Affordable. The playground folks will help design the park. Jessica knows of parks in Hamlin and Teays Valley. Once the presentation to the council and FEMA representative has been made, FEMA will need to first approve the plan and only THEN will the town council make their decision on using the area for a new community playground or pave it for a parking lot. Kathy Slack is awaiting communication from the Mayor as to if the FEMA Rep will be available and present at the meeting on May 12, 2014. If not, AHC will reschedule with Dr. Jeffery for us all to be in attendance when the FEMA Rep can come. Mention of a low grade fence/barrier will also need to be put into place around the lot.

A Vista volunteer/WV Extension Services, School youth and garden network coordinator with Keys for healthy kids, approved for Knapsack nutrition and exercises. They have placed tomato plants for Patch, additional mini grant for PATCH.

A concerned citizen, who was not present but wanted to comment, said she was not in favor of playground because of traffic and parking issues. She also wanted to remind everyone that we already have play area by rail bed right of way.

Anne Berry reviewed that the current rail bed playground is on land owned by Bright Industries in Summersville. Due to that ownership, the town cannot replace equipment, they can’t have grants for the area, plus to our knowledge, the town has not paid rent for that land.

Regarding the Conference – Try This WV – grant projects and teaching/ how to get people involved and what is going on in a community. People currently going are Keith and Lori Townsend, Kc Lovin, Rita Lynch and an invitation will be extended to David Ross, former teacher, current town recorder. The conference is June, 7-9 2014 at WV Weslyan College at Buckhannon.

A Follow up Playground Committee Workgroup Meeting to work on the mini-grant application is due to take place on May 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm. This is tentatively set and pending approval of members. Jessica Wright will need to recuse herself from meeting. So the people who are going to the conference would attend this meeting for planning purposes.

Public Relations/Media Committee: No Report

5K Walk/Run Committee:
March run, lesson’s learned, plan at least 6 months in advance, order supplies 3 months in advance to get funding, use PSA radio and also metro news to Push Media.
Fall Festival Run plan to do as long as women’s club agrees, start plans now.
KC will work on a strategy plan for promotion etc.

Fun and Fitness Fair Committee:
Continue and plan for event in March/April 2015, seek more soliciting of prizes and more ideas for next event. April is preferred month.
Anne Berry wants to work up a “how to guide” on running the events/co-chair.
Solicit prizes;
Solicit ideas from email;
Need warmer weather;
Push promotion;
Add possible bike race/Kayak Race/1/2 marathon

Committee report Fitness Center/Pool
It was brought to our attention that Bob Evans, who has bought the land the old Clendenin swimming pool was on, is willing to donate part of the land in back for a pool and parking lot. AHC would have to raise money to build pool and maintain it. (This information was brought forth by Betty Robinson).

Secretary Report
IRS filling for charitable tax status, Fee is $400
WV Secretary of State due June 30, 2014, Fee is $25
Schedule Ad Hoc Board Committee meeting for IRS filing. Tentative set for June 12, 2014
Motion for board calendar presented by Secretary Report Kathy Slack, seconded by Kc Lovin
Board meeting schedule 2014-2015 cycle (Thursday evening 6:30 PM)
Aug 7, 2014,
Nov 6, 2014,
Feb 5, 2015,
May 7, 2015

Submitted by Kc Lovin, treasurer (secretary in abscensia)